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AQUIETBUMP is a label based in Irpinia, a middleland mountain and rural region of southern Italy. AQBMP  produces multimedia focused on dub, digital roots, downbeat, and deep, lowend frequencies. Founded in 2005 by Paolo Picone and Carmine Minichiello, with a later involvement  into the staff of Giovanni Roma, Raffaele Gargiulo and Leo Giso. What started out as a collective with a few musicians and their side projects has now become AQUIETBUMP the label.

Carmine Minichiello
Giovanni Roma
Leo Giso
Paolo Picone
Raffaele Gargiulo

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Demo Policy: AQUIETBUMP is a label oriented on dub and downbeat styles. Even if we are not an experimental label we encourage the consistent research on deep, lowend frequencies and slow flow rhythms.
If you think your music is adapt for this label and has the characteristics listed above send us your grooves, or whatever you think is appropriate by sending us a direct link to a player at this e-mail address:
We will not consider emails with mp3 attachments, links to facebook pages, etc…
As an alternative you can also use our Soundcloud dropbox folder